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image2Welcome equestrian travelers! You can read about my horseback riding adventures, whether domestic or international.

First of all, I decided to build a website and write about my travel adventures. I built this website here. You will find a wonderful online community where you can learn about building a website and how to gain traffic. In addition, this site is a good place to learn affiliate marketing. I never learned affiliate marketing before, however, I like learn new things.

My goal is to become an expert travel blogger. While working towards this goal, I hope to travel more and continue to publish horseback riding adventures.  In addition, I encourage those who have been on horseback riding vacations to share their stories.

To give a brief introduction of my horseback riding adventures, which started in 2014, was my first overseas trip since my husband, William, passed away. He and I always traveled together. After his death, I carried on our travel tradition.

My wish of horseback riding overseas came true when I booked a cruise on Fred Olsen Cruise Lines in August 2014. The cruise was a trip around the Scottish Highlands.

Before the trip, I searched for public horseback riding stables in Great Britain. I found two; there was one in the Orkney Islands and the other in the Isle of Mann. I contacted the managers and reserved my spot. I thought about visiting the Scottish Highlands including the Orkney and Shetland Islands, and a cruise was the best way to do it since I could avoid pulling my luggage from city to city. A cruise was a good way to travel while enjoying the view of the ocean.

When our ship stopped in the Orkney Islands, I went for a trail ride at the local equestrian center.


My first equestrian travel overseas, on the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland.



The Orkney Islands








The trail ride in the Orkney Islands was wonderful! I was happy I went horseback riding overseas; due to that is something I dreamed about for a long time.

I rode a small white horse named Harmony. Because of their shorter legs, these small horses can handle the hilly terrain better than larger horses. The horses may not be that large, however, they sure are strong!

I enjoyed my trail ride in the Orkney Islands, and I will never forget it.

At the midpoint of the cruise, my next trail ride was to be in the Isle of Man. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ship had to bypass this spot and continue onto the next destination. That was disappointing!

All was not lost. After the cruise ended, I still had some vacation time left. My next destination was Newcastle, in northeastern England. I went on my next trail ride there.


My trail ride in Newcastle, England

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Two trail rides on my first overseas trip alone was not bad for a start! I was happy to finally have a chance to ride overseas. When I planned future trips to other countries in Europe, I knew it would be difficult to find a public riding stable. So I continued to search the internet and found equestrian vacations.

With equestrian vacations, the package deal includes horseback riding, meals, and accommodations. Therefore, that was the perfect to go horseback riding while traveling.

So after deciding equestrian vacations is the way to go, I booked my two recent equestrian vacations through Hidden Trails. This company is based in Canada and they specialize in equestrian vacations in almost every country. In addition, you can choose from a variety of different types of vacations, from beginner to advanced.

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  • Tasleem

    Hi Karin,

    This is a beautiful story! I like the fact that you are keeping your tradition despite your husband not being here anymore. I enjoy horse riding a lot but making an equestrian holiday is a very new and refreshing concept to me. Thank you for sharing:)

    • Hi Tasleem
      Thanks! I have found the equestrian holidays a wonderful experience. I still miss my husband while I am traveling, but I know he is watching and he is happy knowing I am doing what I love doing. There are some equestrian holidays available for those who are not experienced, but they will mostly be trail rides near the ranch and at a slow pace, and some also involve riding clinics. The experienced riders, like me, travel many miles on horseback, and we go from village to village. That can involve five or six hours of riding per day (with periodical breaks). That may not be comfortable for someone who has not ridden much.

  • You’re so lucky to be able to travel; especially to different places for horseback riding! That’s one experience I’ve yet to try. Is there a particular breed of horse you work with the most or have you gotten to know different breeds since starting out?

    • Hi Dawn
      Thanks! horseback riding while traveling is quite an experience! The equestrian holidays, which is what I do, is a good way to go horseback riding while traveling. Not too many riding stables in Europe will allow someone who is just passing through to take a 1-day ride. They usually want someone who can commit to riding there regularly. No, I do not work with any particular breed. The breed I rode in Germany in 2015, the Andalusian, is a breed I have never ridden here in America before. So that was new to me.

  • This is a website after my own heart!
    I used to teach horse jumping – it was quite some time ago now. But I still love horses! Most of the horses I have in my life now are stuffed ones, but I help a good friend take care of her three horses once in a while.

    I will certainly be back to this website! Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hi Darcy,
      I was in showjumping when I was young, and I was on the college equestrian team for a couple of years. There are times I think back on when I was in competitions and I miss it. I may try jumping again but it will not be the high fences like back in the days of competing.

      I still keep up with the riding, but as a hobby. I’ve very much enjoyed riding while traveling and going on trail rides nearby. It’s good to take a break from riding in the arena.

      Trail riding is closed for the winter, so my riding will be done in the indoor arena until spring. I will soon make my travel plans for 2017 so I can add more to this blog!

  • hii karin,
    Nice website,i love horses,but don’t know how to ride.Do you offer classes on this or considered doing so?
    I would love to learn how to ride horses from a mentor like you?

    • Hi Buny
      No, I do not offer classes. I am not a certified instructor. I work a full-time office job so I would not have the time for it. However, I can give tips on my website. Depending on where you live, you may find equestrian centers near you where they have lessons for beginners.

  • Hi Karin,

    Although I don’t do a lot of riding myself, my wife is a passionate horseback rider and used to work for a local trail riding centre. It something I would definitely love to do more of.

    Do you have any aspirations of trail riding in Australia?

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Adam
      Yes, I have thought about an equestrian holiday in Australia. That is one place I plan to visit in the near future. The company that I book the equestrian vacations through has destinations all over the world, including Australia.

  • Mário Jurík

    Hey Karin,

    You have an amazing website and I can see how much you love riding the horse. Although I have never tried it. Do you think it would be lifetime experience for me ? 🙂 Shouldn’t I be scared of falling down or something? 🙂


    • Hi Mario
      The horseback riding trips that I do are adventurous, and would not be for those who have never ridden. Even for me, some parts of the ride were dangerous. If someone who hasn’t ridden attempts one of these adventure rides…I will say it is not recommended! 🙂 When I took the videos, I could only take them when we were going slow, so I would not drop the camera. When we started the fast pace and more dangerous parts of the ride, I had to keep the camera put away (for obvious reasons) 🙂
      There are horse farms that teach beginners, and have some trail rides are safe for beginners. Those are slow-paced and the horses are very gentle.

  • Hassan

    Hey, great review! Me personally I’ve never rode a horse but would like to. If I was nervous riding it for the first time, would it try to hurt me or my partner?

    • Hi Hassan
      There are many horse farms that teach beginners. The horses are gentle and well-trained. The horse will be your partner if the rider is friendly and gentle. Horses can sense people’s emotions, so if are nervous, the horse would be too.

  • I share your love of travel and did a few trail rides in my younger years. It is great that you are able to follow your dream and share it with us!

    I look forward to more beautiful sceneary captured on your future trips.


    • Hi Connie
      Thanks! Yes, I hope to be able to get more photos and videos of some future trips. Trail riding is on hold because of winter, so the only riding I do is in the indoor arena. I may post some occasional photos of the farm in winter, as it is pretty with all the snow. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to trail ride in the snow, otherwise, those would have been good pictures.

  • That as not anything I have ever heard of: horseback tours overseas. But that certainly looked fun!! You have definitely found an awesome an fun niche to explore and post about. Plus you can recommend services for equestrians overseas which is also awesome. thank you for sharing!!!

    • Hi Brent
      Yes, there are horseback riding tours around the world. Hidden Trails in the company I book my tours through. The types of tours I described are for experienced riders. You’re traveling on horseback from village to village. It’s many hours of riding (with periodical breaks) along with galloping and going over rough terrain. There are some tours for beginner and novice riders, but they are not the long village to village tours.

  • Hi Karin,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information.

  • it was a very nice article good information provided keep writting such stuff



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