Spring Weather and Perfect for a Trail Ride!

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Spring weather is here and the day was sunny and warm. It was perfect trail riding weather. This was my first trail ride for the year.

Bedminster Twp, Bucks County, PA

I went to the stable in Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania for the trail ride. The stable is a short drive from my home. This one of my frequently visited stables so the staff knows me, and I know the horses.

I rode Tucker, a large white draft horse. This is my first time riding him. I had to be last in line because Tucker kicks at other horses.

We leave the stables and ride on the public road. Shortly after we got on the road, two cars drove by at a high speed and a guide had to literally yell at them to slow down. Luckily, the speeding cars did not bother the horses. Our group had children and inexperienced riders, so if the horses were frightened by the cars, that could lead to danger.

A little creek in Nockamixon State Park in Bedminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I did not take a video while on the public road because a guide told me Tucker gets frightened by trucks and other large vehicles. Therefore, I kept the camera put away in case a truck came by.

After we got off the public road, we got on this small side road heading to Nockamixon State Park.

We continue on the trail to Nockamixon State Park. The spring weather makes the grass very green and to the horses it is tasty!

The white house on the right was once a boys’ correctional institute. Now it is a private residence. I also got a better view of Lake Nockamixon.

We are now going down a wooded trail in the park. The lake is to my right. The trees are not yet in full bloom but they buds appeared. The recent heavy rainfall caused a little “lake” on the trail. The leaves on the ground may have been from last fall. The leaves somehow stayed preserved over the winter.

We left the park and got back on the public road. Here is a short video I took while on the way back to the stables. I did not quite have my camera organized. A car zoomed past us but it did not bother any of the horses.

We continue on the main road back to the stables. We pass a graveyard (yes, the not-so-scenic route) on the right, and a church on the left. Another car passes us without any problems. Tucker sneezed a few times, but then this is spring which is allergy season!

I enjoyed the trail ride, and Tucker was a well-behaved horse. My first trail ride of the season started off well.


  • Steve & Kris

    That looks really fun. I have been on a horse one time in my life, and I didn’t realize how sore I would be after riding! I really like the use of videos in your article, really nice addition. Do you have a favorite kind of horse you like to ride? I rode a quarter horse, the one time I rode. It was really fast over short distances. Every now and then we will see someone in our neighborhood riding down the street on a horse. Thanks for writing your article.

    • Karin Bauer

      Hi Steve and Kris

      Yes, trail riding is really fun. I’ve been riding horses for many years and I would never give it up! My body is used to the saddle so I am not sore afterwards. I get just mildly sore if I take a long break from riding, such as over the winter. No, I do not have a favorite horse. I go to a few different ranches for trail riding so I am always riding different horses. Riding horses would not be allowed in my neighborhood. For sure someone would report it to the township!

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